Auto-generate HTML UL/LI Table from Excel

Writing UL/LI table in HTML is always a tedious task especially when the dataset is large. So I’ve created a very simple tool long ago that can auto generate UL/LI table. This is written in Excel VBA and can place the elements horizontally or vertically.

The added benefit for doing this in Excel is to be able to manipulate the dataset using Excel’s functions before converting them to table. Go to the download page and look for xlsToULTable.

To use the xlsToULTable Excel spreadsheet:

  1. Tabulate the spreadsheet.
  2. Select the entire tabulated dataset.
  3. Select Macro and run the “ToHTML” macro.
  4. A message box will ask if you want to generate the table horizontally (column based) or vertically (row based).

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