SOCKS FTP Client for nodejs

node-socksftp is an FTP client for nodejs supporting SOCKS proxy.

Note: This is a fork of the node-ftp project with added support for connecting to a SOCKS proxy.


  1. Copy the socksftp package to your program’s working directory.
  2. Make a new FTP connection through a SOCKS proxy.


var server = {
	'host': '',
	'port': 21,
	'user': 'ftpusername',
	'password': 'ftppassword',
	'socksproxy': ''

var Client = require('socksftp');

var c = new Client();
c.on('ready', function() {
	//run ftp command here...
c.on('error', function(err){
	console.error('socksftp error: ' + err);



You can report any issue via

Download now:


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