Real-time Cloud Collaboration Platform

WARNING: This project is still in highly experimental stage.

A real-time shared collaborative workspace consisting of 3 collaboration services running on the cloud: Two whiteboard services (grey) and an overlay service over the entire screen.

The Real-time Cloud Collaboration Platform (RtCCP) facilitate live collaboration between users on the Internet. It’s useful in situation where users can acquire any collaborative services they need on-demand. This allows a workflow to be built gradually where the collaborative group might not know what capability they need in advance. As the collaboration needs grow, users can look for the services they need and add them into their collaborative environment.

How it works


The RtCCP Network

The RtCCP architecture consists of 3 elements:

  • Services hosted on the cloud: These services are hosted in the cloud. The application exists in the form of framebuffers (e.g. modified VNC). It transmits framebuffers to the platform server and receives user keyboard/mouse inputs.
  • Platform server: The platform server integrates the services’ framebuffers  and present them to the user for collaboration. It also multiplexes users’ inputs to the appropriate service.
  • VNC client: The client used to connect to the platform server is merely just a conventional VNC client. This ensures the collaboration environment is cross-platform.

Available Services

At the moment, there is one services available which is the DrawTop whiteboard service. It allows users to annotate on the whiteboard.

As for future services, existing applications can be ported to this platform via GUI toolkits supporting conversion to framebuffer or VNC.

Using the platform server

The platform server’s user interface.

Discovering and adding services

When started up, the platform server continuously searches for available services. These services are listed in the “Available services” section. Select the required services and click “Add”. This will move the services to the “Selected services” section.


The source code contains the RtCCP platform server and a DrawTop service.

Download now!

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