Hyper Multicast VNC


Are you having bad VNC performance? Traditional VNC supports about 10 clients at best before performance starts degrading. This becomes worse as there are more animation/activties on screen.

Hyper Multicast VNC is useful for screen sharing from medium to large group of participants. In fact it is pretty limitless. The only requirements is your network needs to be multicast enabled and this is the usual case for LAN. For WAN/Internet your ISP must support multicast and you’re likely in luck if you’re in research or education network.

Key advantages:

  • High quality screen broadcast: Compared to others multicast VNC solution, Hyper Multicast VNC allows any screen resolution to be broadcasted at any colour depth (e.g. 8-bit, 16-bit, 24-bit).
  • Low bandwidth consumption: Hyper Multicast VNC allows various compression technique to be employed. This significantly reduce CPU and bandwidth consumption if compared to other multicast VNC solutions.
  • Minimal network disruption: Other multicast VNC solution constantly rebroadcast the same screen, this “floods” network easily. Hyper Multicast VNC avoids such invasive behaviour by only broadcasting when necessary.


The Hyper Multicast VNC binary can be executed as a client or a server. The execution instructions can be found in the README file.

Configuring the server broadcast

The broadcast can be configured to use different encodings. Just click on “Options” and then select the “Encodings”.

The server control panel.

The server “Options” control panel.


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