Software and Web Developer

Choon Jin Ng

PhD, B.Sc.(Hons) in Computer Science and Technology
The University of Sydney, Australia.

Welcome to 5eejay! A space for me to vent my opinion on programming, networking and anything about computer really, as a note-taking place to store my memory and most importantly being able to share and discuss various work with everone.

If you feel like listening to my latest rants, go to my blog. If you need some useful tools, perhaps the projects and downloads section.

I’ve devoted my life on system-level software development, computer supported collaborative work (CSCW), network application development and web development. Below are some of my past research and publications:

  1. Takatsuka M. & Ng C.J. (2006). “A Service-Oriented framework to support dynamic deployment of awareness services in remote collaboration”, OzCHI.
  2. Ng C.J. & Takatsuka M. (2007). “Bonjour-based collaboration service in a remote collaboration environment”, AUC Conference.
  3. Ng C.J., Takatsuka M., Krumm-Heller A. (2008). “A High-Speed Multimedia Collaboration Framework”, CollabTech Conference.
  4. Ng C.J., Takatsuka M. (2009). “Method of Frame Buffer Transmission over Reliable Multicast Network”, CollabTech Conference.
  5. Ng. C.J. (2010). “Multiuser Screen Sharing in Multidisplay Groupware”, Technical Report, The University of Sydney.

I’m also available for consultation on software, web and networking development. You can reach me via my contact link.

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